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Colnbrook School


Over the years many parents and carers have expressed their gratitude for the work of the school.

We are, of course, always very happy to hear of the positive effect the school has on families lives. We greatly value the support and close links we have with our families and seek at every opportunity to have positive, productive relationships for the benefit and best outcomes of our pupils.

We thanks all our past and present parents/carers for their kind words.

What our parents/carers have to say;


" I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you! 

 My son has had a fantastic first term in his class.  I can't praise his teacher enough, the whole team in fact.  

He has had an exceptional teacher, my son’s progress in just one term is so noticeable, not just in his learning but in his confidence and the way his teacher manages to quickly resolve any anxiety he may have, is quite something!  His teacher just seems to understand him and we are so impressed with the way she pitches his learning at the right level and deals with any concerns immediately and effectively. In just a few weeks, we have a child who is loving (even more) to learn and his teacher has turned him into an avid reader!! By giving him the skills to 'read in his head' - something we have been trying and failing to do for a long time, My son has read all the Diary of a Wimpy Boy kid books and drives us mad to go to book shops for he now has a love of reading-at an appropriate level too, his comprehension has progressed so much. We are so thrilled!  His teacher is just lovely, so approachable and a pleasure to deal with, often helping me with matters effecting my son away from school too- she goes above and beyond and has a great way of thinking outside of the box, as well as helping me see the obvious at times! 

 We have been so spoilt with the teachers at Colnbrook , from the very beginning , his early years teacher, who made the transition from nursery so smooth and put him in the right direction with his communication. His previous teachers, who saw his potential and pushed him ...amazing, who recognised his potential and discovered that by giving him a role on stage, got him over his anxieties and built his confidence. Finally another teacher who was simply phenomenal and made learning such fun (what a fabulous teacher and friend!) The school has helped my son pass so many milestones, overcome so many fears (cinema, theatre) as well as finding a love of Greggs Sausage Rolls and Golf!!! The teacher who recognised he had a flair for maths and was responsible for so much progress in my son’s learning.  All the staff have been terrific, and I just know this will be an incredible year for him- even possibly the best yet. My son’s current teacher bringing something totally different but amazing to his educational journey preparing him for Secondary school.  

 I can’t sign off without mentioning the fab support staff.  The Learning Support Assistants are just brilliant, just lovely.

 So, your staff are a credit to you both and you have two very happy parents and more importantly, a very happy boy!  Thank you.

 We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year."       


‘Your school is a lovely school and we are delighted with the progress that our son has made here.’         

 ‘A big thank you for everything you have done for me. You gave me lots of opportunities to play sports and represent the school.’        

 ‘Our son has been far happier here in this last year than in the entire time he has spent at any school.’        

' We would like to express our gratitude to each and everyone of you for all the help and support received these past wonderful seven years.'