The Colnbrook School Outreach Service

There has been Outreach support offered by Colnbrook School for the last 25+ years. Initially it was one of only two special schools in Hertfordshire offering this support to mainstream colleagues.

Over the past 20 years there have been several county based reviews of the service, and one more recent review which resulted in the current ‘whole county’ approach to Outreach. Following this review all special schools offering Outreach use the same paperwork and the same monitoring tool, to ensure consistency across the authority. The LEA sets the number of sessions the schools are expected to achieve throughout the financial year and all Outreach providers submit termly figures to the LEA and an annual report to the LEA and their area DSPL Lead.

The overriding aim of the Outreach support is to help our mainstream colleagues meet the increasingly complex needs of their pupils by modelling, resourcing and sharing the good practice that works in our setting.

We are teachers taking out to the mainstream school strategies that help our pupils in Colnbrook to engage, learn and make appropriate steps of progress. We aim to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding of the teachers and support staff so they can try the recommendations in their settings and by following our advice a high number of the pupils we support remain in their mainstream schools.

Top tips to consider before referring pupils to our service:

  • Encourage staff to minimise language, for some pupils hearing key words only will enable them to process receptive language
  • Ensure key pupils have time to repeat and over-learn basic skills, rather than rushing them through the curriculum at a similar pace to their peers
  • Use visual support as much as possible to aid teaching, learning and recall
  • Break tasks into smaller steps and expect shorter working times with increased breaks

Casework/Pupil support will be appropriate for:

  • Individual pupils who have learning difficulties and are working well
    below age related expectation, often in the P scales. Many pupils will
    have an EHC plan/statement.
  • Pupils with a range of additional needs or a diagnosis that impacts on
    their ability to access the curriculum.

Casework/pupil support may include:

  • Observations of the pupil in class.
  • Support for teachers and assistants when adapting the curriculum
  • Advice and visual behaviour strategies.
  • Work alongside teachers to support them with planning for
  • Creation of and sharing the use of resources for individual pupils.
  • An in-reach session to Colnbrook School where staff can spend time in
    a classroom and in our well stocked resource room.

Inset/School focus consultations may include:

  • Advice on whole school approaches, differentiation and planning for
    pupils with SEN.
  • Advice on resources, equipment and materials.
  • Whole school staff meetings, tailored to the schools training needs.
  • School staff attending training at Colnbrook School.
  • The loan of resources from our resource bank.
  • Un-named pupil sessions.
  • SENCo support – advice session to discuss the service and referrals.

For further information please contact

Clare Slack


Outreach Service

Supporting the Inclusion of Pupils with Learning Difficulties in Mainstream Schools

All providers use the same County guidelines as set down in the new Service Level Agreement.

Colnbrook School is a primary school for pupils with Learning Difficulties. We also specialise in meeting the needs of pupils with Speech Language and Communication Needs and those with Autism.

All Outreach teachers are outstanding teachers with Mainstream and special school experience. Outreach training has also been undertaken by all of the outreach teachers.

Please click on a Document below to view it;

Schools, please send your completed referral form to cslack@colnbrook.herts.sch.uk via Schools FX. 

Referral forms must include a signature from a parent. We are unable to accept referrals via email. 

Outreach Referral Form