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Colnbrook School


At Colnbrook School, our children benefit from a variety of facilities.

With a focus on sensory areas throughout the school, children can really explore and learn. Our environment is an important aspect of our teaching and learning and can have a significant impact on pupils’ ability to focus, be motivated, be safe, engage in physical skills such as balancing and climbing and engage in social play activities with others. Over the years the school has invested large sums of money, often through charitable donations, to ensure our environment is appealing, safe and engaging for our pupils. We recognise that the pupils attending our school have a wide range of needs and we work hard to ensure we provide facilities which can span a range of Special Educational Needs and provide an environment where pupils are happy and purposeful no matter what activity they are engaged in. Not only do our facilities help to support our children through the curriculum, but they aid them in integration, giving them much needed skills outside of school life. 

We have the following facilities at the school and regularly review new ways to help our
children develop.

  • Soft play
  • Sensory room
  • Gym
  • Playground with a variety of climbing and other equipment
  • Bike/scooter track
  • Sand pits
  • Music playground
  • Sensory garden
  • Allotment/garden
  • Climbing apparatus-inside and outside areas
  • Fenced football/basket ball area
  • Trampoline
  • Food Technology room

Friends of Colnbrook, our school charity, are always looking at ways to raise money for the
school to help the school to develop further, so please don’t hesitate to check out our Friends
of Colnbrook tile to see if there are any projects you can help us with!



Pictures of our facilities