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Colnbrook School

Planning Group 3

Planning Group 3 – broadening learning in preparation for the next step in their journey

Planning Group 3 currently consists of five classes with children from Years 5, 6 and 7 (Purple, White, Navy, Orange and Grey). There are children on all three pathways within the planning group.

Within Planning Group Three, the environments of classes continue to evolve, depending on the strengths, needs, talents and interests of the children; each class continues to have designated areas of the room and an appropriate daily timetable.  Trips out of school become further afield and a little more challenging. These will also include some transition visits to special secondary schools.

Children in Planning Group 3 are enabled to develop their independence skills and sense of self-worth, through a variety of responsibilities, both within and beyond their classes. These can include giving out snack items to others, washing up, passing messages between staff, helping to organise events, delivering items around school, helping to tidy benches and mats away after assemblies and becoming involved in food recycling.

The termly topics rotate every two years, and current topics include ‘My Local Area and London’, ‘Journeys’ and ‘Traditional Tales’. They can be accessed at a variety of levels and include a slight widening again of experiences and concepts. Alongside these, other aspects of our curriculum include learning about puberty and work around the worries and excitement of transitioning to secondary school.

 Our current topics this year are Land and Sea, transport and Once Upon a Time and a Rhyme.