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Colnbrook School

Planning Group 2

Planning Group 2  – developing and strengthening learning

Planning Group 2 currently consists of five classes with children from Years 3 and 4 (Yellow, Red, Green, Pink and Blue classes). There are children on all three pathways, Daffodil, Poppy and Bluebell within the planning group with a significant focus being placed on strengthening literacy and numeracy skills. Some of our learners will continue to need an exploratory, sensory environment, while others will now be able to cope with a more formal learning style.

In Planning Group 2 we seek to inspire children to learn and thrive in a nurturing and welcoming environment.  We cover a broad range of topics, which encompass the six main learning areas within the curriculum, and these change as part of a  two year rolling programme . We select topics with a view to specifically engage with the interests of our children and in this way we hope to captivate their imaginations and promote a real love of learning.  Some of the topics we cover include: Toys, Dinosaurs and Fantasy stories and Animals and Climates! Enshrined within all of our topic choices and everyday curriculum delivery is a key desire to support children to develop independence (for example, in moving around the school environment or managing classroom resources), grow in confidence, foster emotional intelligence and promote social development at a level and pace that is suited to each individual child. At this point, children begin to explore the community beyond school, such as the library, local shops and parks.