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Colnbrook School

Planning Group 1

Planning Group 1 – establishing foundations

Planning Group 1 currently consists of three classes with children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 (Bumblebee, Butterfly and Ladybird classes). There are both Daffodil and Poppy learners within the planning group, with high importance being placed on developing and consolidating early numeracy and literacy skills, to underpin further learning as the children progress through the planning groups. Children in Planning Group 1 also work on developing their attention, engagement and independence within a school environment, as well as social interaction & communication skills including choice-making and sharing space with others successfully.

We place great importance on our children’s learning environment; with clear, distinct areas of learning both indoors and outdoors available to the children throughout the school day. Much of the learning in Planning Group 1 occurs through play, whether child-initiated or adult-led through songs & rhymes, story-telling or multi-sensory experiences. We aim to help children discover their likes (and dislikes!), build their exploratory skills so that they become self-assured and willing to try new things, and enable the children to build secure, trusting relationships with staff so that they feel happy, settled and confident to play and learn at school. Planning is devised to include broad termly topics, which repeat on a yearly basis; ‘All About Me’, ‘My World’ and ‘My Imagination’. These topics enable teachers to personalise the learning based on the ever-changing interests of the children, and provide them with a motivating curriculum to begin their education journey at Colnbrook.