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Colnbrook School

Learning Pathways

Our Colnbrook curriculum is further tailored through the use of differentiated learning pathways, Daffodil, Poppy and Bluebell. These acknowledge the child’s learning style and cognitive ability and recognises that different teaching approaches are needed to give all children the best chance to be successful. We have a curriculum that is flexible, exciting and personalised and celebrates the varying learning styles and diverse needs of all pupils. It encourages and celebrates creativity, enhancing the learning experiences and opportunities provided for all our pupils. Using our Pathway descriptors, teachers are able to identify the best learning style for the individual child and use the guidance provided to create and plan an appropriate timetable and activities.


Teachers are asked to regularly review the learning pathways of the children in their class so that we can quickly respond to their changing, individual needs. Some children may remain on the same pathway during their time at Colnbrook and so although the approaches may remain the same, teachers will adapt their teaching to suit the changing age and interests of the child. This may be reflected in the choice of topic/theme and in the activities which will be designed for them as they move through the planning groups.


Please click on the icons below to find out more about our Daffodil, Poppy and Bluebell pathway descriptors: